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A Certificate of Insurance is a document insurance companies use to show proof of coverage and summarize key aspects of the policy. Mortgage companies want proof that their loan is protected, so they request Certificates. A certificate will usually be requested for a refinance, sale, or sometimes on an annual basis.

No! This service is provided to you and your bank at no cost.

If your lender is requesting a Certificate, the information you need is often found on the letter with their request. You will need to provide the name(s) as they appear on the loan, the unit's address, the name of your bank and their address, your loan number, and the fax or email address where the completed Certificate needs to be delivered.

The requested information is needed to create a Certificate of Insurance that your mortgage company requires so they know that your home is properly insured.

Your information is only provided to the insurance agency(ies) that covers your Association for a Certificate to be created and the recipients you specify.

The Certificate of Insurance shows the coverages your Board of Directors has chosen for your Association. The insurance agency(ies) needs to wait for your Board's decision before updating the Certificate. Please check back after the renewal date. If you cannot wait, reach out to the agency listed on the Certificate directly to see if they can provide an updated version to you early.

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