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    About Aleäquo

    What’s with the name? 

    Our name is a combination of “alleato,” which is Italian for “ally” and “quo” for “quotes.” The name says who we are: We are an ally of every property manager and are here to provide quotes they can trust.

    Aleäquo’s Guarantee!

    If Aleäquo doesn’t save you and your association time, money, and frustration, we will help you transfer your association’s insurance elsewhere.

    How is it free?

    Believe it or not, many insurance agencies want to make insurance enjoyable for their clients! They share the Aleäquo vision for a better tomorrow and have committed to funding it. They pay monthly licensing fees that we use to further develop the Aleäquo future and create some pretty cool software for them, too. 

    Does this limit our options? No single insurance company is the best fit for every association, and over time, the best companies are constantly changing. Rather than fighting this, we embrace it! Aleäquo is designed to facilitate moving insurance between companies rather than trying to force every association to fit one agency.

    Is Aleäquo just another insurance broker?

    Not at all! Aleäquo does not even sell insurance policies. Instead, our technology is a bridge for property managers that spans between your associations and insurance agents. Our solutions help you and your associations regardless of what insurance company can provide the best options, giving you a universal platform that is unavailable through any insurance broker and continues to benefit you as associations switch companies.

    Will our information be sold to other companies?

    No! None of the provided information will be sold to anyone. The information will only be provided to our partnered agencies to obtain quotes and manage the community association’s account. It can also be provided to approved non-partnered agencies upon your request.

    Are we under contract to stay?

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You are free to stop using the portal at any time. There are no contracts or hidden fees.



    How do I obtain additional insurance quotes?

    At every package renewal, you will be prompted to confirm the community association’s information is up-to-date and accurate. At that time, you can request additional quotes and then relax while we facilitate sending all the necessary information to the insurance agents and receiving the quotes on your behalf.

    The quotes will be populated into our comparison spreadsheet and presented in your account. The comparison spreadsheet can be exported to a PDF so you can easily share it with the Board.

    How can I ensure my communities’ insurance programs are customized to their specific needs?

    We understand each community has unique needs, which is why each community’s insurance program is evaluated and quoted individually. All coverage options are completely customizable.

    The transparent and straightforward comparison of the proposals helps each Board select the program they feel best fits their specific needs and budget. Please let us know if you have any particular concerns or requirements so we can ensure the quoted programs accommodate your needs.


    Adding & Managing Associations

    How do I set up a new community association?

    You can easily add an association to your portal by clicking “Add a new association” from the dashboard and answering a few questions. If you need assistance or want us to do it, call us at 630-553-6003 or email support@aleaquo.com, and we will take care of it for you!


    What if I need to change who has access to a community association?

    Simply contact our support through the chat or email us at support@aleaquo.com, and we will make the changes you need.


    How do you keep all of my accounts accurate and up to date?

    To ease the insurance burden off you, we work with the insurance agents on your behalf, including requesting and obtaining quotes, policies, and loss runs. The process is easy and streamlined when the coverage is placed through our partnered agencies.

    However, we will also try working with non-partnered agencies to gain access to additional insurance companies when necessary to ensure your communities have the best insurance for their specific needs. In these cases, we may need a little help from you to keep your accounts up to date.


    Contact Support

    Who can help me with my account?

    Aleäquo’s support team is always eager to help! For any questions or issues with your account or community associations, chat through the website or contact us at support@aleaquo.com or 630-553-6003.

    We want to ensure the highest level of comfort and confidence in our system, so please do not hesitate to contact us for anything!

    Who can help me with specific insurance matters?

    Every insurance program is still set up through the same agency model you are accustomed to, with the same experts available to answer your questions. For your convenience, the community association’s specific insurance contacts are shown at the bottom of each community association’s Current Coverage page.

    If you need clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us through chat or at support@aleaquo.com, and we can help better direct you!

    How can I provide you with ideas for improvements?

    What you see today is truly just the beginning of our vision. We have a well-developed and ever-growing list of features and integrations to build in the future. We would love your feedback and ideas to ensure we develop our enhancements to best meet your needs.

    Please get in touch with us at support@aleaquo.com anytime to share any ideas you have or things you wish you had so we can build it! No matter how small or large it might be, we welcome every idea and always strive to create the best experience possible.